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Spring Storm Damage: 5 Effective Tips to Protect Your Home

3/27/2023 (Permalink)

spring storm damage to a barrow county propert The professionals at SERVPRO are here to help when your property suffers from spring storm damage!

Let the professionals at SERVPRO help you avoid spring storm damage.

Spring storms can cause significant damage to homes in Barrow County in a short time. From hail, heavy winds, lightning strikes, and flooding, spring storms can be costly for homeowners if they don't take the proper precautions before and after a storm hits.

This article will discuss the types of spring storm damage that can occur and provide tips on assessing the damage, including what steps you should take after your home has been damaged. With these five excellent tips, you'll be better prepared than ever before when spring storms hit your area.

Spring storm damage in Barrow County

The spring season in Barrow County can bring a variety of storms that can cause significant damage to homes. Heavy winds, hail, lightning strikes, and flooding are the most common spring storm-related issues that homeowners in the area face.

The last known tornado in Barrow County to cause fatality was in 1998. Tornado winds can gust anywhere from 60 to 70 mph, enough to cause severe structural damage to buildings and infrastructure. Hail storms can cause damage to the roof, siding, windows, and other exterior features of a home. Lightning strikes can take out power lines, short-circuit electrical devices in the house, or even start fires. Flooding from spring rainstorms can also cause significant damage to your home if you are unprepared.

Assessing spring storm damage

If you have been the victim of spring storm damage, assessing the situation as soon as possible is essential. It is highly recommended that you contact a professional storm damage company that can properly evaluate your home and note any potential risks associated with spring storm damage. Experts in this field will be able to help create a plan of action to repair any damage and prevent further issues in the future.

5 tips to protect your home from spring storm damage

Spring storms can cause significant damage to homes in Barrow County. Here are five excellent tips that can help you protect your home from spring storm damage:

  1. Have a professional evaluate any spring storm damage immediately after it occurs. With professional help, you will receive a developed plan for repairs and the prevention of further damage.
  2. Secure your home with hurricane straps, bolts, or clips to prevent high winds from causing structural damage.
  3. Ensure your gutters are properly maintained and debris-free to prevent flooding around your home's foundation.
  4. Regularly maintain your roof to protect it from spring storms.
  5. Have emergency supplies such as flashlights, batteries, and a first-aid kit in case spring storms knock out power or cause other damage.

With these spring storm safety tips, you and your home will be protected all spring.

How SERVPRO is available to help with spring storm damage repairs and prevention

SERVPRO is an industry-leading storm damage restoration team serving Barrow County. Our team of experienced technicians is trained to assess spring storm damage and quickly repair any damages that may have occurred. In addition, our disaster recovery specialists can advise homeowners on preparing for spring storms and practical ways to reduce the risk of spring storm damage. SERVPRO also offers services to help repair spring-caused flooding, other water damage, and fire damage.

Regarding spring storms, homeowners in Barrow County need to be prepared for the worst. However, with proper preventative measures and an experienced professional, spring storm damage doesn't have to throw a wrench in your life.

Wrapping up

With spring storms on the horizon, protecting your home from potential storm damage is your best action. SERVPRO is available to help with storm damage repairs and prevention whenever the threat of spring storm damage looms. In addition, protecting your home from spring storms provides peace of mind that your family and belongings will be safe this spring.

We are available 24/7 for spring storm damage repairs and prevention. Contact us today to learn how we can help protect your home this spring season.

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